We live our lives by following our passions   

Libélula means Dragonfly - symbolising change, transformation and new beginnings. By following our dreams and living our passions, we hope our children will believe that anything is possible.


We sold everything we had in the UK, flew to Canada, bought a van and drove south, sharing adventures as a family on the way. Arriving in Costa Rica in November 2017, we created Libélula from the heart and driven by a love for design, nature, food and people. 


Our ethos is to respect our planet and our wildlife and to care about our neighbours and our community. We protected the mature trees and upcycled many of the materials we found on the property and we support local charities, businesses and artists.  

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Calle Mariposa

500 Meters East of Ruta 911

Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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