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Calle Mariposa

500 Meters East of Ruta 911

Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Beginnings of a Journey

There are so many elements of life in Costa Rica that are intriguing, tough, beautiful and exciting. I hope the future posts give you an insight to what life is like as a visitor and as an expat.

We’ve met so many wonderful people and I’m amazed how many of them appear to have such a deep self awareness, passion and drive to live a full and happy life. Of course, this is the reason why expats have moved here. However, almost all of the Costa Ricans seem to be so focused and dedicated to themselves and their interests - all done with ease. They’re not searching, it’s something that seems natural and part of their makeup. It’s inherent, it’s real and it's infectious.

The Beauty of the Costa Rican People

I'm constantly inspired by those who I meet.

I have asked myself why the Ticos I have met live with this calm, yet engaged, energy on a day-to-day basis and I really believe its due to the environment they have grown up in.

We are told time and time again how nature is so beneficial to our mind, body and soul and how we are recommended to get out into green space, connect with the outdoors to give us peace, clarity and self awareness.

I think being born in a country where 25% is dedicated to national parks, surrounded by green space every single day and a country that has one of the 5 blue zones in the world the local Ticos have nurtured their well being. Nature and wildlife is at every turn. The distraction of consumerism and material growth is almost void which gives them the space to discover and hear themselves more clearly and at a far deeper level.

Nathan Banks & Local Costa Ricans

It is an amazing country with amazing people!