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Calle Mariposa

500 Meters East of Ruta 911

Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Creatures Great and Small

The wildlife in Costa Rica and within our gardens is wonderfully distracting and I often find myself captivated by the behaviours of the nocturnal animals that visit our Libelula foliage.

We Shall Call It Hal

Turning on the tumble dryer (yes I know, 35 degrees celsius tropical heat - but you never quite get that softness in towels without using one and there’s nothing worse than drying yourself with something that resembles a giant sheet of sandpaper!) I walked out to hang the rest of the laundry on the line only to see a Costa Rican possum crawl out of the wall. Evidently the temperature had risen beyond his sleeping abilities. He was strangely cute and very sleepy. I watched him wander off, waddling like a drunken sailor, to find a cooler place in the garden.

Skunks are never to0 far from home and I actually quite like that pungent aroma they continually release. Although, it does give the police a tough time identifying the ‘smokers’ in town. Hence the name I now realize (for those of you who don’t know, 'skunk' is a potent form of marijuana). If the cute but pesky critters have sprayed your pet the smell is actually so bad it gets right to the back of your throat. Getting that smell out of clothing or pets is quite the process. Soap and water will not do it. A tomato juice bath or rubbing with lemon rind may help a bit.

Have you ever sat on your couch having a staring competition with a racoon while he stands tall on his hind legs, eyes never leaving yours? His, or her, little arm stretched out, feverishly searching blind for the bowl of cat food. This is always way more interesting and hilarious than the Netflix series that we’ve chosen to watch. These fellas and gals are seriously bolshy (in non-British, bold) and when we thought we’d built the perfect pantry cupboard in the outdoor kitchen, we were shocked to see today it had been ransacked by these thieves. The industrious little critters had climbed up the door using the latches as ladder rungs. After they had their fun everything was covered in egg. Since we only discovered this at lunchtime after their nighttime shenanigans, the smell was just as intense as a direct spray from the skunk.

Rustic Raccoon Ladder Rungs

This is all part of the adventure and the connection to Pura Vida - our Pure Life at Libelula.