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Calle Mariposa

500 Meters East of Ruta 911

Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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How a Resort is Created

It's certainly a daunting experience when investing all your money into a country you don’t know much about and without real known connections.

Step One - The Hunt for a Contractor

With a vision such as ours meant we were reliant on the help and trust of the selected contractor. We searched and met many builders in the early months of our ownership which lead to frustration and endless hours of debates. We heard endless horrors stories of failed constructions and thousands of dollars lost.

However, in the end, we made a decision to return to the very first builder we were introduced to and it was the best decision we made.

Finding Pura Vida

There are so many factors that can add to the stresses and failings of a building project here in Costa Rica and nobody is without a few, which means, of course, we have encountered and recovered from our fair share. Overall our first 6 months were a huge success and this is why:

A certain level of Pura Vida ( those who know me, know I am far from chill, however, I worked hard on knowing what things to let go of. Of course, I have a husband that is so laid back and un-phased he’s normally horizontal - helps to cool down the hot head!)

Knowing what our vision was and having our own detailed specification for the architect / builder REALLY helped. I would go as far to say it was essential. Knowing what we wanted meant the builders got it nearly right.

Living on-site has been a blessing. When they get it 'nearly' right we could adjust to get it exactly right.

And, finally, an excellent contractor.

Enter, Drumroll, the Contractor

OSB was the one, the original. OSB has helped make it what it is and I am certain if we had used another contractor we would no way have had the space we have today. Oscar Beckles, Silvia and their team are passionate about what they do. They have helped with solutions to problems, found answers to questions and delivered a professional and reliable build.

(Even if they did think cutting up a discarded wardrobe to use as cladding, hinges and all, was crazy. They stuck by me in this most painstakingly slow process, without a word - not that I understand spanish that well!! )

OSB are an extremely busy company. Yet, with our constant telephone calls and requests for meetings - they met all our demands - in a Pura Vida way, of course.

Thanks all OSB guys for helping us create what we have so far - more crazy ideas are forming so sit tight.

OSB at Work