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Finding Pura Vida

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

As we reflect on the journey we have been on since moving to Costa Rica, we have learned much from the Ticos and their 'pura vida' (pure life) lifestyle.

Staying Grounded

We’ve met so many wonderful people who are deeply committed to, and proud of their families, themselves and their communities. Ticos have a deep self-awareness, ready smiles and a passion and drive to live full and happy lives. They are not searching, it is a natural part of their makeup. It’s inherent, it’s real and it's infectious.

Nurtured by Nature

We all know that nature is beneficial to our mind, body and soul and connecting with the outdoors gives us peace, clarity and self-awareness. Being born in a country where 25% of the land is national parks, and nature is protected and celebrated, gives Ticos the opportunity to stay grounded and place value in the things that really matter.

Encouraging Creativity

Although Costa Rica is more developed than most Central American countries, life isn't always easy here. It is relatively expensive, the climate is tough and opportunities are limited. As a result, little value is placed on consumerism and material possessions. Instead, people are creative, solution focused and sharing.

Finding Pura Vida

Inspired by the Ticos and Costa Rica, we continue to run Libélula with passion and from the heart. Protecting our wildlife, supporting local businesses, nurturing people, placing value in what we own, upcycling what we can and living as ethically and sustainably as possible are our core values.

Pura vida indeed!

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