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Calle Mariposa

500 Meters East of Ruta 911

Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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My Scorpion Bite

Did I die?

Hello My Leeetle Friend

Raccoons and Skunks and Coatis - oh my!

These are some of the nice yet annoying furry friends that share our space. However, there are the smaller, less fluffy, cute things that roam in Guanacaste, Costa Rica and our Potrero garden. To enlighten every visitor to Costa Rica, I wanted to share the experience of being bitten, which happened yesterday.

Where They Hide

I feel very lucky for this to have been my first time, given all the travelling I’ve done. Having said that, I was, as my daughter pointed out …..’stupid and you know the rule, never put your hand in your shoe’.

I did bang my shoes hard on the floor with a suspicion of scorpion presence (although I should have know this - they don’t fall out, they curl tightly to the inner soul right at the front tip of the shoe. REMEMBER THAT). I didn’t and realised there was something moving around when I put my foot in my shoe. I so quickly removed my shoe and, brilliantly, shoved my hand right in there.

The Effects of a Scorpion Bite

It's a harsh sting, much like a bee, and apparently you only need to worry if you start respiratory problems within the first half hour, which I didn’t. I sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Tingling sensation, much like pins and needles kicks in immediately at point of entry. Then, over the course of the day, the poison moves around the body affecting various parts in different ways. Similar to numbing agents at the dentist, the teeth go numb, tongue twitches, followed by a creeping pressure up the back of the neck. Shortly after a headache and blurry vision - oh, and dead legs too if you’re lucky to get the full flow around the bloodstream. You feel particularly weird and slightly spacey- so it's not all bad. In fact, people pay good money for this!

I have to admit, bottling this and adding it to the Cuts & Cocktails menu did cross my mind!

There are plenty of scorpions around hiding in dark places. Be vigilant and smack those shoes hard whenever you're in Costa Rica, unless you’re looking for this fun not fun experience. If that's the case, throw everything on the floor and enjoy the ride. Otherwise, check shoes and all belongings at ground level.