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Calle Mariposa

500 Meters East of Ruta 911

Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Our Arenal Volcano Adventure

We’ve had clients since January and it’s been very long hours, with laughter, sweat and tears.

Time for a quick recharge, we set off to the Volcano area Arenal and what a break it was!

Thick lush jungle and light grey cloud cover is a relief and complete contrast to the hot and dusty landscape at the end of the dry season here in Guanacaste. Just 3 1/2 hours drive from us, we meandered round the road of Lake Arenal, capturing pockets of vistas of the bright blue waters, framed in the rich greens of vegetation.

Moments within arriving into La Fortuna (the town at the base of the volcano), ‘I love this place’ involuntarily slipped out of my mouth. With the towering volcano as a backdrop to this bustling town, there is an energy that is like no other place I’ve visited in CR.

Spotting 2 sloths on the roadside as we drove into town was enough for me to get excited about this place. The mix of travelers, locals, hostels and high-end hotels distinguishes this place as diverse and interesting. The buzz of young and old, nature and sympathetic urbanization captures your attention. You want to know more and learn why this place is so magical.

I asked a local when did the volcano last erupt? “In 1964,” he replies. I question if this could happen again.

“Yes, it would wipe all this out,” he said, stretching his arm out across the hot springs and manicured gardens of this luxury hotel, “But it was the creator of all this too.”

Perhaps this is why, standing at the foothills and in the shadows of this volcano, we are reminded there’s always a chance of change and nothing is permanent. Be present to what lays out in front of us and enjoy while we can.

From backpackers to high-end travelers, everyone sets out to enjoy the activities of thermal pools, natural cave saunas, white water rafting, hiking and tubing. After a full day, all venture into the town to soak up the dedicated talents of chefs and unique people that fill this area.

Luke and his girlfriend were an Aussie couple who are traveling Central and South America in a Tuk-Tuk purchased in Mexico. Remarkable - there’s always someone taking on a greater challenge that we can admire and be inspired by. I was also fascinated by Joseppe, a Costa Rican chef at The Corner restaurant in La Fortuna. He was quick to share his culinary approaches of smoking meat and food prep with us, displaying his passion and commitment to his job.

Traveling to areas of Costa Rica are always rewarding both in the natural experiences and from the people that cross our paths, making each place that we visit special and unique.