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Team work = Dream work!

John C Maxwell famously quoted that "teamwork makes the dream work". And he's not wrong! With so much to do, it became very clear that we needed extra help. We are delighted to introduce 2 amazing new members of the Libélula team, Carmen and Angel.


Carmen, originally from Nicaragua, is in charge of housekeeping at the resort. From deep cleaning our kitchen and guest rooms to keeping our linens sparkling, Carmen creates cleanliness and order at Libélula.

She is a whizz at making origami towel and fresh flower displays to make our guests feel special. And she understands the tropical climate, and its unique challenges, and calmly deals with the constant dust or mud depending on the season.

With a gracious demeanor, endless patience and an infectious giggle, Carmen is an invaluable member of our team.


Angel is also from Nicaragua and he is our gardener at Libélula. From raking leaves and watering plants to keeping the pool clean and the patio swept, he keeps the grounds looking immaculate.

Angel never stops smiling. Even when he has just finished raking and the wind blows more leaves down or the squirrels drop half-eaten mangoes all over the grounds.

A lover of chocolate pancakes and always keen to practice his English, Angel is energetic and hardworking. We feel very privileged to have found such a great team member.

It is the people that surround us that help make our dream work and fuel our drive for success. Everyday we are grateful to see Carmen and Angel's smiles and appreciate the special energy they bring to Libélula.

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