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Calle Mariposa

500 Meters East of Ruta 911

Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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The Energy of a Dragonfly

Cultivating the Energy of Libelula

We were very fortunate to have purchased a place in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica that was already beautiful and holds the essence of Costa Rica. Our local community is called Surfside and is an enclave within the area’s beaches and jungles.

With our construction plans well underway with OSB, prepared budgets and knowing our ‘pot’ would dry out very quickly we needed to focus on how to start getting some dosh in (money). I have to clarify this - we have experienced many words that we use in England that are not even remotely understood among the locals OR expats.

Of course, our first element to be completed was the bar! This ensures we can celebrate or commiserate at the end of each day. A little brainstorming and digging deep into our pockets of skills we decided to launch our Cuts & Cocktails Sunday recurring event in August of 2018.

Nathan Banks Preparing Creative, Natural Tapas at the Bar

Our Sustainable Tribe

Local Kids Visiting for Cuts. Parents Visiting for Cocktails.

The expat and local communities were, and still are, amazing. They came in spite of the ongoing construction and praised and supported us from the word go. With just a single camping gas stove, a handful of cups and a few bottles of liquor we began our first few weeks of hosting Cuts & Cocktails.

We prepared creative tapas made with all local ingredients, craft fruit cocktails and Nathan’s incredible haircuts. We were super busy. Quickly, there were some committed Sunday regulars. So excited in seeing our first guests at Libelula, our own rules swiftly fell from our periphery.

On the first day of opening for Cuts & Cocktails instead of closing the bar at a sensible 8pm, the few night owls (and there were only a few) were still consuming shots and free drinks until the early hours of Monday morning as Nathan served through his blurred beer goggles. Calling from the bedroom and asking him to close the bar, to which he said yes, while pouring yet more drinks. He continued chuckling with friends while I watched through the window - ending, finally, with a rather frosty talk on sinking before sailing.

Completely new and operating on a ‘trial and error’ basis, we managed to gain a business presence within the community. We have been blessed with people’s belief in us along with sharing ideas to help steadily grow our vision. We are surrounded by entrepreneurs and creatives who have been embracing our project and spreading the word. We frequently hear, “You know what you should do…”. It’s been overwhelming the support we’ve had. Without this, we could quite possibly be sitting at the bar on our own. Ahem… - yes, we do that too.