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Calle Mariposa

500 Meters East of Ruta 911

Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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The Libelula Experience - Uniquely Local. Uniquely Libelula.

The Libelula Experience

We have found a person who captures completely our goal and our mission. The mission of Celebrating Costa Rica.

Pabro Sanchez

Pabro Sanchez is a native and indigenous Costa Rican. Pabro describes himself as a multidisciplinary person who works with a strong passion and a strong attachment to his heritage. This Social Anthropologist has an incredible knowledge of Costa Rica from Ethnohistory, the Social Culture of Ages and Archeology.

This unique background has lead him to be an expert in natural sciences, art and languages. His entrepreneurial character has taken him through many related professional fields and helped him to create his own business offering. Pabro creates bespoke experiences through food, tours and storytelling. His services are rooted in his native background and are tailor made to be a life changing experience.

We are so fortunate that Pabro sees our vision and has created one-of-a-kind excursions through his beloved country of Costa Rica. Now, we can offer our guests something that has never been available before! Not only will our guests be experiencing new and exciting tours of Costa Rica, but are guaranteed to be the ONLY travelers doing so in each hand-picked excursion throughout the country. These tours and activities have been designed on such a personal level that they cannot be found anywhere else. This makes a journey with Pabro the most personal and enriching experience of Costa Rica you could possibly dream of.

Even for those of us living in Costa Rica who have travelled extensively to the most magical places - all will gain a new and exciting view on our adopted country. Most importantly, realizing a deeper knowledge of the Costa Rican culture of which we are fortunate enough to be a part of as expats. For the expat community, it is easy to forget we live in a land of grace, beauty and natural wonderment. The day-to-day routine can trap us just as easily surrounded by beauty as surrounded by a bustling city. For our expat friends - this is your chance to re-engage with your love of Costa Rica in a way most people don’t have an opportunity to.

For me, I’m desperate to experience some of these journeys of wonderment!

To tempt you, here is just one sample of a Libelula exclusive with Mr. Sanchez:

Blue Zone at Nicoya Peninsula

Discover the science of living longer and happier, an story told by the protagonists...

For one day, we will be part of this extended family, which will still manage to continue living as its ancestors did for generations. We will be witnesses of the whole process to make raw organic sugar, and you will help to make young artisanal cheese with the milk that you extracted from the cows of the farm. The full ancestral breakfast, the art of making tortillas and many deep conversations with an indigenous archaeologist specialist will be part of what will happen on this day as if you had traveled in time ...

This activity begins with 1.5+ hours of driving that include some dirt roads that are sometimes not in good shape. The weather is very different depending on the season, ask about the climate conditions at the time of your reservation. Our specialized guide will meet you at Libelula Lounge and will be an important company in the driving time, providing important information about the country in general and highlighting the relevant elements of the trip.

This activity is open almost all the year, in the months of September and October there are great possibilities of being closed due to the normal climatic conditions of rain. The activity is open from Monday to Saturday and leaves at 8:00 AM from Libelula Lounge

As you can see, uniquely local and uniquely Libelula. Come join us on our Celebration of Costa Rica.