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What Social Responsibility Means to Us

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Our Why

Our motto is ‘A Life Changing Experience’ with the symbolism of the dragonfly as change and new beginnings. This is not just for our guests but also for those we have chosen to share our space and lives with.

Our What

As part of our vision for Libelula social responsibility is so important to us. Since starting the project of Libelula we have been in search of a charity that we felt a connection with. One that makes a real change. Our ‘what’ is making a difference to those in need within this welcoming country which we now call home. We must give back.

During an amazing trip to San Jose I was fortunate enough to join a young art class hosted by Suena en Colores (Dream in Colors). Suena en Colores is a charity focused on underprivileged children and mental health, as well as art therapy.

Our Who

Suena en Colores is an organization set up by Andrea Carranza, a qualified psychologist. Andrea had concerns of the impact of the Costa Rican education system on children because there was no funding, or time scheduled, for creative elements within the national curriculum. Because she knows the health benefits of applying creativity in our daily lives, she decided she wanted to change this situation. Her hope is that children can obtain a healthier and happier mindset through the arts which can give them the chance at a far better future.

Support from the government has given them the licenses needed to be a non-profit organization, however all other funding for these programs come purely from donations.

The scale of this initiative has been overwhelming at times and Andrea has questioned this donations only approach. But, she is seeing results and has parents approach her in the street thanking her for the help. Testimonials from families about change she has inspired in their children has kept her pushing forward.

Our How

We have jumped into our support of Andrea and Suena en Colores with both feet! Our first step at Libelula is to support the program ‘Paint a Pig’. The pig in this case being a terra-cotta money (piggy) bank. Our pig stands on the bar and all tips received on a Saturday go straight into the pig.

Guests can also purchase their own pig and paint it. What a great activity for adults and kids alike that can make a difference in the country they are visiting! Our guests can either leave their beautiful creation with us for donations or take it with them. Once full of donations, it is returned to Suena en Colores.

Of course, when I find things I am passionate about, I throw myself into them. This passion project is no different. My mind races to see how we can help more! I toy with ideas to help kids within the local schools use their creative-side and marry it with this worthy cause. It’s still in the early stages, and we are only at the ‘sketch’ point, but we are confident we can cultivate growing the idea through Libelula.